Let Me Lay Eggs

I lay eggs, lay eggs
only inside the coop
I lay eggs, only eggs;
when you march down the street
protesting for peace, shouting slogans
I was as usual laying eggs.
Shame, it is a shame
I cannot even do what I have to do
You must carry on
I swear in the name of my unborn chicks:
The cocks surely the dopeheads
The hens beautifully the whores.
All the cocks and the hens of the land;
All the time I'm laying the eggs
I have grown tired of your intelligence
of your 10,000-page filled brain
of advance education
of serving and sacrifice
of poor people, oh! Pity that!
But I have to lay the eggs.
Lay eggs;
Nothing but
Lay eggs.

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9:45 PM 9/6/2012



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