The Triangular Cycle of a Worker

Four years on, I'm digging deeper into the world of work. Ironically, it is getting more interesting and it is legal. I have always sensed a feeling of being gobbledegook, no wonder why. This interest is driving me to continue my journey and it is clear, from here and there, how much I'm devoted to my work.

I have found another fact about our work. In the most scientific explanation of a profession, there is a triangle out of which you can choose two and only two points. This graphic is inspired by an image, which have been shared more than a thousand times on Facebook.

The Triangular Cycle of a Worker

The triangular cycle of a worker
(Possible Combinations)

Interesting - Legal - Money
Interesting - Money - Legal
Legal - Money - Interesting
Legal - Interesting - Money
Money - Legal - Interesting
Money - Interesting - Legal

Precisely, if you find your job interesting and legal on one hand, you will also find the absence of another engine that makes you going. And on the other hand,  if you find it financially sound and it is interesting, you better watch your back or have a contact at the Narcotic Bureau or the Excise Department, in case a need arises. I don't know why my line of work has always been interesting and legal. Lucky are those people them got the opportunity to  indulge in all the three elements and only them show there is always an exception to the rule. Well, it's time to get back to work. 

Moral of the story: You are not alone, if you find your work interesting and legal or if you find it financially sound and it is legal; and mysteriously, there is an awkward missing link in any case.   

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