Five Reasons Why I Blog

It's easy to tell you why I love blogging. It is fun and is a nice place for free expression. Write, create and post anything you like, without no disturbance, and around here there will be no nosy bosses or fussy clients who know only how to show their arses for free. (Hi manager! Blogging ain't no striptease!)

Then I also have prose and poems I like to share online. So this is it. Last night, I had noted down the five points on why I love blogging, and had created this image, yet my indecisive mind prompts me these reasons might not be true tomorrow and I might find some other points why I love blogging. I do have this same problem in other places like choosing my favourite songs and bands. Some days I love the ''us' bands, and on other days, the 'them' songs. The psychology people (are they called psychologist, saikratist or cyclelogist?) — they say 99.99% of the impulsive people are always smoker, but I don't know how much it is true for bloggers. I do smoke — these days, 502 Pataka Bidi is my favourite brand.

POSTSCRIPT I'm dedicating this post to all my friends — all the cute people who have joined the site; all the Twitter's chekla and pombi and gentlemen; all the email subscribers and those on the mailing list; all those beautiful likers on Facebook and all those folks on other weblogs like YouSayToo, Indiblogger and Bloggerz. Every like, every share, every comment is counted here, not ny numbers but their values.   



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