The Karate Chop of a Comma

   How living is entirely different from earning it as much as living is from making a living!   

People do different things to earn a livelihood, with their beliefs in how they fit themselves around the scheme of things in life and their world. Some build house, some design it, some treat sick people, some teach, some preach while my job is to find errors and mistakes in what others write. Yes, I seek and dig into others' works, not for any gem hidden in them but to fix defective sentences, link missing thoughts and disallow people from molesting the punctuations; in short, I check for flaws that lie unexpectedly like a dog crap that we would very seldom slip onto. But this does not mean I'm a wordsmith who can weave fine linens of good writing. As I said, this is just a job; sometimes hastily done and accomplished with sadistic pleasure, with a tick on each box of the grammatical checklist. Above all, all my business is in a language I don't speak at home, but which I had learnt from school. There is some irony I cannot even explain myself. The kids in my neighbourhood say they want to be a doctor or an engineer or those pranks who would say they would be supermen when they grow up, but an editor, never. Never ever. What would people not do to earn a livelihood?

What I used to do:
The Zookeeper's Tale



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