Can We Just be Men and Women...

Before we wait for blockades
And restart the black markets
And make a name for ourselves
And lead honourable lives
In the sewer we call home?

Before the Chinese president arrives
And India burns our underwears bought from Burma
And forces us to stay inside our houses
And makes us meditate like a Tibetan monk
In this country we’ve been monkeytrained to call home?

Before you ask me where I’m from
And make assumptions that I’m from outer space
And tell you are so different from me
And cover your impotency
In this home of a billion people?

Before the narrow walls of arrogance are built
And count eternally the number of fuckups
And bet on it — keep on blaming each other
And be a pain in each others’ asses
In the home; outside, inside and everywhere?
Before Captain America dons the cap of a saviour
And bombs his enemies in the name of democracy
And drills oilfields in the name of prosperity
And we pay more for the petrol
In both home and away?

Before the actors and doctors and students protest
And make a comedy out of the tragedy
And let others create comic heroes out of the comedy
And re-complete the whole cycle of absurdity
In my home where the stars are not above us?

Before the leaders teach us to loot
And all that we care is the share of the loot
And live like a king in the shithole
And tell me you hate me
In our home so bleak we cannot even see each other?

Before the hills burn to ashes,
Before the valley goes to blazes,
Before you and I kill each other
Can we just be men and women?
And fake we do care for each other

And you don’t have to get a gun
And you don’t have to flaunt your crores of gods
And you don’t even need a country
And all I need is to lend my hand, and you, yours;
Or am I asking too much?



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