Says No One Ever

Says no one ever:

The rivers are clear
It is not so near
It’s far detached from our reality
Let it flow with blood endlessly
Get your guns and let it stops never
Says no one ever

The master’s been benevolent
We should go for the hunt
We should rip off everything
People will not know a thing
We only need to know what we’re after
Says no one ever

We’ve got enough of assholes
We cannot keep on frying our souls
Meaningless democracy
Bloody military
But we can ever be beggars
Says no one ever

And it’s not only rivers
The streets are the answers
Nobody says but obvious is the blood
And it’s not only the master’s charity
We’d slog for a looting spree, swash our stupidity
We just cannot admit our life is up for grabs, for free.



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