Illustrated: Sage of Wandering Mind

This is a collection of graphic illustrations inspired by Ayangti Longkumer’s Sage of Wandering Mind ( — a blog on brief impressions about everything under the sun. She is planning to publish it in a traditional book format when she has 500 of these witty and humourous remarks. And here, I have selected five random statements that hit me the most. Ayangti aka Noklenyangla has published two books, a novel The Winning Story and an anthology of poems Magic Quill. She also blogs at and She is a research scholar at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. It’s funny to know that a scholar does have a sense of humour. She digs on science policy for her career as much as she delves into witticism for her aspiration to be the first Nobel laureate from Northeast India. I hope she gets lucky.



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