To Whom It May Concern 1

On this side of the fence it looks good enough
On the other it maybe rough
On the other side, for them it looks tough
On the other, for us sometimes it looks anything but bluff

Wise men have seen the holes in each side
But when the things get tough they’ve been tied
The world is an illusion, from the back someone replied
It only matters what you decide

When words come thick and fast
Even before the media broadcast
Those are free from the future and the past
In both occasions neutrality is so harassed

No wonder when the king arrived one shitty day
Flowers and craps, like flowers and wind, sway
It is one thing to see those are in disarray,
And entirely another, in an approaching doomsday

Which side it is, now it matters little
Now when there is no specific angle
No kingdom nor a brothel
Duality is making everything so formal.

⦿ to whom it may concern 2
⦿ to whom it may concern 3



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