I was born among the green fields
Verdure aplenty that blend with the azure skies breathtakingly
The day would mould itself to gold
When it is old the sun is so attached to oranges bold,
Bright and broad like the blaze of the day
It occurs in time already the time has been numbered
Between the day’s luminosity and the night’s shadow
When suddenly I fall into a shithole like a shot


All I can try is to crawl out of it
And I realise it’s a spiral ceaseless
With so little to tell about,
Wise men urge we have to stay good with the roots
Sisyphus would have identify his resemblances in me
While I'm lost, baffled how I got the fall so abrupt

A motherland is so over-rated; a fatherland, ditto
Only a no man’s land’s calling in this fiasco
Even if the fall has never ever given me an option
As if life was doomed, all deliberated, before I was born.



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