‘Chinglon Maapan’: Melodies from the Mountains

I have always been obsessed with mountains. Some mysteries are hidden in the layers of green all along. The beauty is almost overflowing from the highlands and this is evident from how the surrounding areas steal the limelight now and then. For instance, in my hometown, it is romanticised in music and literature that we are circled by nine ranges of hills on all four directions, though practically it means we are a fucked-up landlocked place overburdened with the crises of modern-day living and other such ass-smacking reasons related to politics and society. However, at the end of the day, no one can deny the natural richness that we have been endowed with. These images are an artificial recreation of that raw luxury. To conclude, art does imitate life, in an equal amount of our aspiration to imitate the best positive qualities of art in our decadent living.      

Scene 1: When the sun shines

Scene 2: When the moon rises



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