Fruits by Months; Haiku by the Bamboos

In January
The lemons come bitter,
But unlike our life’s

Tamenglong’s fortune
With oranges in Feb dropped;
The homeland demands

If March were a man
He would have forced the masters
Sit on pineapples

Spring’s ever pleasant
Like the ripe April’s mangoes;
Only hard life sucks   

Cherry on top, good food
All good things in sultry May,
Yet the absurd reigns

Nothing’s spared in June
The rain then watermelon:
Adults and sex jokes

Peach and childhood days,
Those were like jeeps and trailers;
No July would spoil

Strawberries made it
Red and yellow and orange,
August’s just helpless

Long ago there were
September pomegranates;
Memories fade soon

Eat fruit or drink wine
When the grapes arrive October,
Health or cirrhosis

Pear does not rhyme with
Peace, so is November not,
With country nor fuck.

Papaya rhymes well
–Whisky and huthi and army,
–December’s junta

So apparently, for a guy like me who without any talent or whatsoever, depend on luck to succeed in life, this kind of design does give me some hope that I am not totally useless. If I have no other job, I can make colourful books for the kids and earn my livelihood. May be I should start working on all the possible designs. 



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