Existentialism 101: A Graphical Design of ‘Meaninglessness’

Quotes by philosophers, authors, psychologists, playwrights and others on existentialism

Do you know the meaning of life? Since the beginning of human time, men and women have been in quest for an answer to this question, but with little success. I believe the origin of universe holds all the answer that we may find someday or maybe not. One of the prominent thoughts in existentialism is that we create individual meanings to this question and that is all it appears in the highly limited mind of human beings, which exists in a purportedly infinite universe.

Existentialism is one of the subparts of human thoughts that deals in a meaningless universe, however there are slight differences. One of them is Nihilism, which says ‘there is no intrinsic meaning in the universe and that it’s pointless to try to construct our own as a substitute’. The second is the concept of Absurdism. It states the ‘our search for meaning is inherently in conflict with the actual lack of meaning, but that one should both accept this and simultaneously rebel against it by embracing what life has to offer’. Ironically these three subparts of philosophy is essentially a study of meanings, or rather the lack of it.

This post is a basic attempt to understand the making of existentialism as propounded by western thinkers. 



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