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July Alteration 3.0: No Time

This is a translation of Laishram Samarendra’s Matam Leite from the anthology Laishram Samarendragi Apunba Lairik (2012). The poem was originally included in Wakchinggi Kabita, which was published in 1999. 

i got to make haste
i got no time to waste
i had left home in a hurry

now i got to return quickly
my home might disappear before i reach there
my wife, my children—my family might disappear

my whole village might disappear
become just like an unclaimed incinerated cadaver
    they might as well be there
    my folks &
    my family

this little amount of rice am i carrying
i want to feed my children
and am i making haste
i got to rush & outrace myself
i got to reach home promptly

but did you hear any gunshots?
did you listen to any wailing?
did you see any lifeless body—taken away?

i got no time & i’m leaving for the day
i got no time at all


Tweeter Stalker
Some of the Latest Tweets from My Favourite Tweeple

And I can say 100%ly, some people will be more offended with these juvenile tweets than the debauchery that the so-called elected representatives are indulging in. I would be very much happy to ignore them.

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