Rock n’ Roll Design: A Poster Series on Concept Albums

Concept albums (CA) are mostly studio albums with songs on a common lyrical theme. It is slightly different from a rock opera which usually follows a storyline, unlike in CAs, in which only a shared theme is essential to get the label. In this series, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Who’s Tommy can be rock operas as well.

One of my all-time favourite CAs is The Wall. Once I wrote a thesis for video production a long time ago on this album. It was the first time I realise a secret behind the psychedelic magic of Pink Floyd, a band which had mystified us since schooldays. It was not their marijuana-interlaced music that we were so familiar with, neither it was their visual effects or slide-and-light shows or sound experiments. Rather it was a deeper sense of purpose in music that was quite unknown to us. Then this became a totally new world of music, which has been as fresh as much it is imaginative.

One of the significant features is the entire idea of a concept album. Soon, especially during the 2000s, we found several CAs released by two of the Manipuri local stars: Tapta (its 1958 is featured here) and Eastern Dark. Both of these bands are known for their socially relevant music. Reports indicate Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl Ballads (1940) is one of the first concept albums in the world of rock n’ roll.

Below, this is a random collection of CAs: 

The collection includes the bands: The Alan Parsons Project, The Antlers, The Beatles, Catch 22, David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Muse, Pink Floyd, Tapta and The Who. 



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