July Alteration 1.0: Of Man and War

This is a translation of Laishram Samarendra’s Mi Amasoong Laan from the anthology Laishram Samarendragi Apunba Lairik (2012). The poem was originally included in Wakchinggi Kabita, which was published in 1999. 

The men gathered and buried the gods
God is always the reason behind wars, they say,
In Egypt and Israel and Africa and Bosnia
For the sake of getting rid of the cacophony of gods and wars
The British chanted the name of Jesus Christ
And they fought against the Germans
The Germans recited the name of Jesus Christ
And they fought against the British
With Ram on their lips the Hindus opposed the Muslims
With Muhammad on their lips the Muslims resisted the Hindus
The gods had been useless, it was accepted
The gods be damned; the gods be dead for good
Deng Xiaoping and Mao Tse-tung and Ayatollah Khomeini     
Everybody’s agreed: God is the cause of all the wars

Soon the supreme leader emerged
The wisest amongst the wise
And soon he became a god
Another wisest amongst the wise emerged
And soon he became a god too
Again the new wisest soul emerged
He became a god as well
Ah! Men cannot live without gods
Men cannot live without wars
In the name of the new gods
The wars resumed



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