Divine life

Out of nowhere
they appeared
one by one,
on the foreheads.
It was, the priests chanted,
the arrival of our company
in this lonely existence.

Melted, my atheistic beliefs
Oh my god!
The candy floss I remember!
From a believer who trusts
in their non-existence,
now a non-believer I'm
I regret I damned
those who'd prayed after accidents,
during tragedies and exams.

And I was delirious
With my own eyes I saw them
the gods
— the good, the bad, the ugly
the happy, the gloomy — all of them
It was heavenly, I felt
the roses would turn azure
to make up for the skies that have gone crimson.
Being a devotee am I now,
I'd love to get closer
feel you inside me.
And I find more interesting,
the beautiful goddesses:
For we have nothing to call ours,
From Agra and Allahabad I would learn
to croon to the Ladies
the happiest, sweetest songs;
I would learn
to copy Rembrandt and van Gogh
to sketch their elysian pictures,
I would capture their divine grace
on the canvas of my lifeless art.
But never would I paint them on underwears.
In the button-down pictures, those
I saw selling by roadside hawkers,
I have seen the immortality.

In their providential sermon I heard
We are the land;
and we are not people.
In their mystic eyes
we are more than a people.
Mybe that's the reason,
the law of the land,
far from being divine, it feigns we are
sometimes the gods' people,
sometimes the gods' land.
Dear gods, it's all a pain in the ass.
Dear gods, why have you remain
stuck on the foreheads?
Dear gods, why do you hide
only on the animal mind?

Be a big brother as in the union is for us
Be the memories that bind me to home
Be the magic that turns guns into flowers
Dear god, don't say you are dead.
I can see you
on the foreheads,
in our meaningless pursuit
to be like you, to be closer to you.





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