On flowers and their surroundings

in all their hues and forms
must make the mankind
Soft and beautiful;
Their anthesis would be
what we long for:
How beautiful the world would be
How bracing the air would be,
Flowers and flowers everywhere.
If we can speak flowers
putting them in order,
in decorative order,
as in artificially beautiful garlands
If we can breath flowers
in its freshness best
If only we can.

Just a tilt, a little tilt
And I'm out of my surreal happiness
And I see the grunge all over
Of animal instincts that we are made of
With the defect the world is finished with

The poetic creation is a farce.
The electricity.
The brain.
Atoms and molecules.
The order in disorder.

in all their hues and forms
must make the mankind.

Science, we are repeatedly informed by scientists, possesses a unique claim on truth due to its self-correcting nature. And this is certainly true in theory, although it is not difficult to demonstrate that scientific history is littered with a long list of honest mistakes, not-so-honest mistakes and outright lies.

From The Case Against Science,



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