From a flying fish

Pink-wing flying fish | Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

Like a lonely fish
in the limitless ocean
am I feeling
in a vast human sea
On a speck of dust
in an Brobdingnagian creation,
Of too many birth and death
on this speck of dust.

As in the fish tries
to break free of the water;
unnatural it is, but
ever I long to get rid of all,
and breathe the other airs
that I have never inspired.
It is unfortunate:
on the dingy seabed
of local and global dumps ;
On the mid-water level
where life is about
plundering as much as we can
and stealing
and snatching as much as we can.
I’m bloody fed up of justifying myself our acts;
And on the surface of the water,
watch the superficial relationship between us
as if we love each other
as if we don’t love violence
as if we are so many thing,
when we are just animals.

Ah! Water, water, everywhere
Its density, its volume ever increasing
Let me go
Let me get out of this water
Let me remain an animal
But let me just afloat
and soar away to the limitless sky.

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P O S T S C R I P T  Hardly I knew that there are flying fishes too. It's incredible. Oh my goat. I found it while searching for suitable images from a public-domain-photo website. Though the above image is from Wikipedia, which mentions these fishes "take short gliding flights through air just above the water's surface. Their glides are typically around 50 metres."

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Adapted from an image downloaded from Google Reader



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