The Special Contractor

I have got the prized contract
to change the entire land
to turn the crimson skies back to its usual azure
to steal from the rich, dig their wealth with JCB
and toss them on the other side of Scheol
(for I'm no Robinhood,
I'm just a contractor)
And many more.

One of my contacts confirmed
the news over the phone
He should have told me earlier
So many Mantu bidi have gone flat
So many yongchak have turned bombs
So many marionettes have found
the chance galore to smell their masters’
till cows come home
For the news, I'm glad, they waited with me.

One day I might stand for the election
Don't call me a patriot
But now, it’s time for business
the people will worry no more
Many a night have I not slept
All the blues
All the riches
to provide a mike to all the people
to direct puppets to be the performers
to put a flower on every barrel of the gun
to gag the critics.
Don't call me a revolutionary
Tho' it’s better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness
Who cares anyway, if I pile up
the black money, the stolen stuffs
for my children, for my animal wants
for my wife, for my little charity
the colour of money is ever invisible.

And more than happy I am now
Don't call me a traitor
Call me my name,
I'm just a contractor.
I'm proud to be a contractor
that I have got the chance
to change the entire land.



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