A short monologue on the rational motives for owning a land

P R O L O G U E • •• •• •• ••••• •• • • •• • •• ••••• •• •• • •

I would have been dead were I not alive
I would have been sleeping were I not awake
In the celebration of these senses I extol reason
A higher animal, reason makes me

So I should write down what it is made of
what made us, though I can say right away:
What light of the day shows us
There is nothing beyond the death

It's not much in death either, we can care
It's in between our birth and death, we can care.

S C E N E   O N E • •• •• •• ••••• •• • • •• • •• ••••• •• •• • •

Every morning I worship the Sun-god
One of its heavenly relatives, I believe, created us
One of the loony gods,
in its divine ecstasy, it created us

And so do I also see many people praying
From the first light of the day;
some wants more wealth to indulge
some wants more happiness to hide their worries

I do trust in other gods too
Many of them perhaps made us after a divine disputation
My reason, though with an animalistic substandard issue,
dare no peep into their ancient discussion

But heck, the gods must be kidding!
Heck, we have so many human flaws!
But hell, I believe for the sake of believing
Our horizon ends where the gods' start.

S C E N E   T W O • •• •• •• ••••• •• • • •• • •• ••••• •• •• • •

The days are so assorted
One day I'd love to be the professor of Reason
All I need is a fake degree from a fake university
All it is needed is to show the reason that I have reason

Reason tells me the present is more critical
And I would not go faking myself
Neither I would go start a revolution
But I love revolution equally as reason

I love the unsung revolution, in summer waiting for winter
I love the insensible revolution that brings fresh springs in April.

S C E N E   T H R E E • •• •• •• ••••• •• • • •• • •• ••••• •• •• • •

Reason galore
Truly noetic
It's all clear when the day progresses
My friends say I'm not antisocial
Never I yell at people.

No murder and killing
Epistemological reading
Metaphysical reading
And private reason
And public reason
But the absurdity reigns
So much formality
So much blindless
And so much nothingness
I'm an animal
A logical human being
Fight for the land
The land is your land -- the reason
Kill for the money
It is your money -- again, the reason
All these reasons prevail.

When it comes to the land
Our time is a future black hole
My mistakes in reason, though bother me not
I see the reason in my poetry too
When unwanted pessimism prevails
with the reasons funnily
of being a bad geography
of being a symbol for all bad things
Fallacy it might be held,
yet the writings on the wall are clear.

E P I L O G U E • •• •• •• ••••• •• • • •• • •• ••••• •• •• • •

So to speak, it's all personal
Within layers and layers of our belief
We believe what it is true
though we know, not the reason, but that truth is fantasy
Alive or dead, I don't want to reason for the land
But when I lost my life
A piece of red soil I will own for eternity.



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