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Interrogation points

How would I cry for the moon,
when I had been taught its uselessness
and the rationality of war,
and the utility of material possession
and the futility of making dreams my master?
But it was made to appear
As if I was longing for the sun in the midnight

Though I yearn for the shining face
the full moon to illuminate our shadows
Alas, the shadows grow longer in front of us,
while we stood facing the faint moon,
and its eclipse too—
its invisibility to exert forcefully
that the divide between you and I was lost in the shadow
that the broken bridge was visible no more
that we could make a new road with poetry

The believers of freedom yelled it’s essential

to put the heads in derangement,
to invoke the noises that kill our sanity
to lead the people to prosperity,
while they disguised themselves
as nonbelievers. And we laugh heartily
Without any questions.
And the keepers are there
watching, like us, while looting us
And us, we have to make our ways in this darkness.

How would it be if we can have
an insurrection abruptly
without any clarion call,
without any shocking surprise,
without any bomb,
without any bullet,
without any blood? 


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