Cover Charge

This is a bore's approach to redesigning book covers. We have always heard of the futility in judging a book by its cover. It still holds true. However, sometimes, you might want that your most favorite books has a cover that you can easily relate to. Plus, it is a great way to play with the tools on Photoshop. Is there any book you wish it had a better cover?

Sometimes, it is much better to read a book, cover to cover, reading between its lines, learning and indulging, while leaving the digging for aesthetic sense to those guys who would do nothing but make too much effort on seeing things their way.

No one can deny, in a way, design is not how it works, contrary to what Steve Jobs's fans would like to believe. Rather, it is about making the things more meaningful by adding essence with not the words, but some sort of visual ideas. Yes, any visual can be worth 10 thousand words.



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