Excrement Exchange


Us we hurl the box
Them they give the same back,
The world is round, so we see
Charge and blame
and counter charge
and counter blame,
As there is nothing to do
As the world collapses,
As we exchange excrement.
We never know our truth
They might never know their truth
The truth we have been creating shamelessly out of lies;
As long as we keep hurling boxes of excrement
As long as we keep blaming you for all our faults
As long as you keep blaming us for all your faults,
The world's on a revolution
Of not our stupid neighbour; yes, of not your stupidity
—'Tis just a natural revolution.


that you know so much
that you can give a lecture on cubism for 100 minutes
that you research 100 months on police investigation
everything that you can, well, articulate
all that you speak make me self-conscious;
I want to dig a hole, curl up and hide inside.

in all the situations all the while the sun is the might, in all the days
and all the moon ever do is hide amongst the cloudy skies
and we live in boxes where the cubes are overrated
and all the people call it, like, a compartment
and craps
and police investigation are screwing all but the men with guns
and articulation is a big fuck.



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