Sunday Haiku: To the Unknown Summer

sundays, the weekdays
where does the difference lies here?
Forty-five degree

no matter the day
no matter the weeks and months;
distant memories

no sunday can heal
the heart, the separation,
buy a balm monday

sundays, saturdays
we lie about our freedom
livelihood's shackles

a/c looks down on
me, the moist, water cooling
the lowly living

will it be a sin
to think about you on sundays?
daily, i do too

it is precious, no
journeys and destination
would match the day's worth

what will it look like;
sundays, a thousand years hence:
freedom illusion?

A simple way to start a Sunday morning
Image Croissant Newspaper And Tea by Petr Kratochvil

in such a short span
in such ironical ways,
different days and ages

one sunday, we will
never see the words again
relive the words, days


"Even though we ride non-polluting bicycles to save mankind, we lock our bikes because we can't trust mankind."
- Anonymous



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