Do You Suffer from Political Liberal Impotency?

It is nice to say we are a liberal, isn’t it?

Just as a contrast to the coercive Taliban thoughts, liberalism is about letting go, tolerance and understanding the differences of the people. It exists regardless of any mundane factor. It is certainly nice to say we are a tribe of open-minded people. However, as in the lack of the absolute thing in the universe, liberal thoughts can be relatively the worst beyond our logic in specific settings. Simply, liberalism is not an absolute entity.

Do You Suffer from Political Liberal Impotency?
It is something else, for all the awkward reasons. A manifestation of this deficiency is the political liberal impotency or PLI.

State of affairs

Our society*** is a perfect example, illustrating the fact that liberals are people who have no balls. Some people with extra balls are running the absurd show of the ruler and the ruled.

How can such an idea — of toleration and moderation, of noble values and cheerful disposition — become a fool’s refuge? The answer is not too far to seek. It is right in front of us.

To make the point clear, let us take an example. Consider a land infested with social unrest, political-dung termites, a voiceless generation and a few more people belonging to different disputing ethnic groups — a mess, in short.

It is unsurprising how we are disappearing into the black hole. With all the daylight debauchery and robbery by the government and insurgents, there is little to hide the shamelessness. Though it is surprising, all of them trace their origin to an ideology of serving the people. In a competition for the most worthless people in the world, the men on the street are joining the bandwagon.

If you are in the upper echelon of the society, you can simply plunder the land as well. If you are venturesome, even better! Simply because, might is right. It is a contradictory world where everything is possible as much as nothing is as well possible. Damn your principles.

The curious case of the liberals

In such conditions, liberal thoughts are about simply ignoring the issues, while we put on the mask of an understanding people who know the meaning of acceptance. Nothing can be more ridiculous. It is more like we are covering up our impotence and putting on the Janus-faced masks. Like, see me — I am all covered!

Then, there are concepts like fear psychosis. You can get killed because the government has the power, the insurgents have the guns and the thugs have the cover of the whole mess. So, we are a liberal because we have no balls. Who is not afraid to die? Better let go rather than confront it, after all we know we have different tastes and we are so liberal. It is remarkable how we conceal ourselves with a mask that even Jim Carrey would be envious of.
Do You Suffer from Political Liberal Impotency?

In the region, one particular ethnic group does not even know how different it is from the others, except that all of us have to own a homeland and autonomy land and a wtf-land. Where is the question of understanding the differences?

Please do not show your liberal ideas next time. You might be simply flaunting your impotency. I know it, for I suffer from PLI too. I’m also a liberal because I consider burning down the State Assembly building will be an extreme measure.

Is there any medicine to cure this dysfunctional societal organ? It is nice to express our liberal thoughts but we are helpless about the impaired parts of our body.

*** We live in a part of the world, where nationality is over-defined by a map. My nationality is humanity.
© The original image was taken from a cultural museum located in Andro, Manipur



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