1/2 Posters on Peace and Prosperity

We live in an age of contradiction. The union government believes sending in more army men would bring peace. The state government believes the best thing they could do is to remain silent like a dumbfuck all the time, but its whine is the loudest and equally annoying when it comes to complaining about funds and grants. And people, we would bark against AFSPA and other military black laws and craps, yet we do not mind paying 10–20 lakh for a lowly police job. Contradictions galore, the issues become ironical and tragicomedy by default. Flooded with contradictions and ironies, our society is the perfect example of the theatre of the absurd. Don’t be surprised if a poster on peace shows that of a gun.

1/2 Posters on Peace and Prosperity

 2/2 Posters on Peace and Prosperity      



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