Jibber-Jabber June

The universe is pretty worse on this load-shedding night
In darkness we do always flaunt all our might
But my liver is more intolerant than your fight
Light-less nights are aplenty, though no more those dreary nights bite

I have to save myself from all the wet scum all around
In the open sewer I just piss on our king with his head uncrowned
How could he lie there, in the darkness, in the drain?
I realise in the town, the filth’s the trend of living a luxurious life so vain

I pissed on his head but it was unintentional
Before he kills me I clarify again: it was purely unintentional
If only his gun-slinging dogs were on their sentry duty heedful

And the evening radio announces the saviours have arrived again
They are blocking the highways again
As would the army mutts often do in the glen
And my folk are happy with profit estimation from black market like real businessmen

And the problem is they are not; they are just nada
Everything is nada, all of these are nada
Just compare it with the coldness of my love’s heart
I’d cross a thousand blockades to tear your brains apart 

And I’d cross your bloody forbidden territory
How would you like it?—Do tell me
How much would you take for your stupidity?

Let me buy all; add your thoughts and your gods; and put all of them down
Let me buy all and flush down the dirtiest public toilet in the town.
On this darkest night all the things that live is gloomy and shallow
Even my poverty has taken refuge in the town’s shadow

My world is a shadow of the shadows
I’m fed up of poverty but I have everything in my ammo:
Fifty bottles of whisky stolen from army’s supplies and stores
Fifty grams of heroin whisked off from the customs department’s drawers

Heroin is more real and a better artwork than your culture
It doesn’t even feign like the neighbourhood’s wise and rich buggers
In the darkness I have puked and pissed on the leaders aka gangsters

In the darkness I have trampled upon your loot
In the darkness I see the madness seeping out of nowhere with no root
In the darkness fortunately I’d never see the gunmen’s boots or what they shoot.



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