7 Reasons Why You Should Support AFSPA

Because AFSPA allows you and is essentially a special power to:

① Kill people randomly ② Take nationalism to a new high ③ Give the pathetic impotent soldiers some extra push ④ Get a golden military crown on the head of the biggest democracy ⑤ Breed more rebels ⑥ Frighten the people with no effort & ⑦ Impose the craps of national importance even if nobody cares.

FOOTNOTE    If an individual commits crime, it is comparatively easy to book him under the so-called law of the land. The long and complicated judiciary process is another entity. However, when the state starts committing crime, not in a one-off case or once in a blue moon but in a sort of following a trend, all hell breaks loose.

The draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act has been imposed in Manipur since 1980. After 35 years, the number of rebel organisations has tripled and the cases of crime and torture have grown manifold.

Talk about the judiciary process, even the highest court of the Indian nation had recommended the repeal of AFSPA, because it is beyond every sense and reason. No matter who you are, if you look like a suspect, the state can kill you. It is not an exaggeration. The state can kill you and there are various agencies, read the army and paramilitary forces, which are ever ready to follow the order like a loyal dog. We have a totally different version of democracy out here.

This cannot go on forever. The state should mind the Newtonian law of action-reaction.   



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