Uninvited Design: Ten Popular Banned Books of All Time

Most of these novels were first written and then banned in the West, except the Satanic Verses in West Asia. The blackballing of Salman Rushdie’s book is understandable because it deals with one of the most intolerant belief systems. Most of these books have been banned because of explicit sexual contents (as in Tropic of Cancer), homosexuality (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), thematic issues of colonialism (Things Fall Apart) and so on. Apparently a society, like that of America which we consider is open and comparatively liberal, has some self-righteous pricks like in our locality. Again we know the American people are foolish but their holier-than-thou behaviour is too funny. This reminds us of the collective mentality of our hometown, where everybody cares too much ass about decorum and propriety while all we do is to kill each other and if not, piss on each other. This post is more concerned with graphic inspiration than picking on the Great West of the Globe or our UVS. Oh, the ultimate virtuous society.

PS: The list of books has been handpicked from Shortlist (



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