weekday blues: interlude 2.0

the hobo’s prison nightmare

that man would stab and slash and smash
he had been remanded more times than i had drinks
the number of pegs since dusk that fateful evening
there’s something so familiar about him

maybe in the numbers but he is way above me
his victims’ families have been suffering eternally
his prey has been collecting money and sympathy
in the name of humanity, people do help other wretched people

in the name of goodwill, there have been protest rallies
and life is a river that streams down uninterrupted
and what the hobo in me could do to that man?
but i did kill him: i stabbed and slashed and smashed him

for long he was free
and now the law is onto me
and they tell me now, the law is supreme
and now so harshly the prison life is going upstream



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