Follow You: The Stream of Breaking Rules and Beyond

The rain follows the summer
And doubtlessly I would follow you
It might work for both of us if there is sureness
Of impending weather and water
But there is not

If there is whisky there are cigarettes
If there were you I would have been there
Yet things do not work this way
For example in great disproportion
Insanity outweighs sanity—so desperately

For every game there is a rule
And it’s not the rule but how I play
But it’s just too tiny and too little
When life is a game of duality
You live or die; you abide or you attack

The future follows the fantasy
Happiness sticks with the promises of hope
A better day, a better man, a better life
Look, how funny you sound now
And if it makes any sense it’s merely for namesake

The answer complies with the question
You might smirk
You might want to puke on me
You might look down on the entire humanity
Sometimes silence is just the screaming solution.

A moneyed-man recklessly destroys you
A politician would harass you
It’s clear: it’s just for those in the halfway, between here and there
When nothing is absolute
What wrong is it in killing the gun-toting thugs?

—It was just a rule I follow in self-defence
Never mind the truth.



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