Evening News Alert

The army chief is in a shithole corner croaking about democracy
He is worried about how many of his foot soldiers were killed
The newspapers say it’s eighteen
The television says it’s twenty
The valley says their rebels kill the foot soldiers
The hills say their rebels kill the foot soldiers
The intelligence department is all deserted after announcing the news
The officials say the crisis was lying dormant for sixty-five years
The villagers say the rebels have entered Burma
Now all the tragedy would befall on them.
Now more experts are arriving in the town
Their Made-in-China tools say they are almost correct
The tragedy was written all over the wall since long
The analysts say they need a game plan to kill the rebels.
It’s been going on since 1949.
And the Indian king suggest more armies
Send just more armies—send more armies from the kingdom’s villages
It’s a thousand times better to die as a martyr then a village buffoon;
And the highwaymen appeared finally after forty-five days, they said
They will resume the highway loot once the trucks start crawling in.



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